Thursday, May 26, 2011

8 Great things about Tucson

1. The Palm Trees - It really makes you feel like you are on a vacation. However, we have recently learned that any time you see a cluster of Palm Trees like this there is a sweet trailer park located beneath...beautiful!

2. Bicycle Friendly - Seriously, all of the roads have a third lane for bicycles and they cross in and out of the traffic lanes...sooo scary. Anyway, most restaurants and shops have these cool artsy bike racks; I like um!
3. Farmers Markets Galore - They are everywhere! The difference is that here the big day for the markets is Sunday. Not sure why that day works better, but Sunday it is.

4. Awesome Landscaping, perfect for BIRD WATCHING - Oh you didn't know about your friend the Bird Watcher? We basically live in a retirement community so we might as well take up bird watching.
Little tiny Bird:
Cactus Wren:

Not sure about this little guy, but he was hot pink up close; awesome!
5. New Furniture Stores - Antigua Mexico was cool, they claim to be the Mexico connection. Some really nice pieces.

6. The Music - There seems to be some sort of concert every night of the week...or at least some guy at the bus stop putting on a show with his harmonica.

7. Free Time - Oh yeah, you better believe I am watching the Food Network Cupcake Wars and then I end up stuck wi 3 dozen cupcakes...

8. No Hablo Espanol - EVERYTHING is in Spanish. Seriously even in english people roll their "rr's" when pronouncing street names. I am going to order Rosetta Stone and I am going to learn Spanish...and I am still going to be a bird watcher!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I wonder if people from here think these are strange...?

So, after lunch today Brian and I rode around and did a little house hunting...we saw some pretty homes on some rather unusual street names!
We could live on Smoke Signal; that way you would know right where to find us....

Painted Feather...REAL Nice!

Dancing Rabbit:

Or our all time favorite...Night Pony! I just don't think that we could tell people with a straight face that we lived on Night Pony!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A "Different" Kind of Pretty!

Ok, so here is a little glimpse of a typical day here in Arizona. I wake up around 5:45 (and I mean wide awake, I am still not used to the 2 hr time difference), I get coffee and breakfast going and Brian and I get to have our devotion time together outside in the beautiful, brisk Tucson morning (my absolute favorite part of the day...maybe because I know there will be little to no human interaction in the hours to follow!!)

Then I get these guys going. Apparently, you are supposed to be drinking two of these a day...and I don't mean just because it's good for you, I mean you have to just to keep from passing out! Anyway, all of that water gets a little monotonous so I am adding fresh limes and strawberries...ahh, that's better! Someone at Brian's work told him that was awfully metro of him to have his strawberry lime water...he has since asked me to limit his to just lime!

Then we hit the road and I drive Brian to work....that's correct, my car is STILL not here! Anyway, we take this beautiful drive into work; it really is a "different" kind of pretty. Not Alabama beautiful green pretty, but pretty!

Then, I am off to navigate my way through the community, aka, locate all of the shopping centers!

Oh, you know, just the view outside of TARGET; Magnificent!

Then we make our way home from Brian's work...stunning views of the Santa Catalina Mountains...oh yeah that is me swerving all over the road; I am not texting, just trying to operate my little point and shoot camera!

Ahh, finally home! It does get cool at night so Brian likes to show me how efficient we can be by cooling off the house with the outside air (and yes that box fan)! I hear ya! But you move a girl to Arizona; pa-lease let me crank that A.C.!

Love you, miss you guys!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scott's! Scott's! Scott's!

For the past year, my mom, aunt and I have been trying to plan a girls weekend to Scott Antique Markets . We could never quite get all three of our schedules to coordinate for this once a month show, but before I made my big exit from Alabama to Arizona we decided to make it happen. I thought this would be a good idea, but now it just feels like torture! I want to go back. I really wanted to check out 14th Street Antiques and the Lakewood 400 Antiques. So, now I am on the hunt for something similar out here; in the mean time here are some of the pic's from our Scott's trip.

One of my favorite pieces was this hand carved/painted elephant marionette:

I was trying to take a picture of this rusted metal panel, but I seriously could not move the wagon wheel, so heavy!


Old Survey Tripod Lamp:

Mom REALLY wanted this hand carved John Wesley bust, he was $900 and even ant 50%...not a steal!

Reclaimed Wood Mirror:

Old Doors:

I have a feeling Chase and Rachel may end up with this table:

Tons and tons of linen headboards:

I like the southwest approach to this antique chair:

This lady was awesome. She has a warehouse full of reclaimed wood that she processes into furniture. This coffee table was one of my favorites: